The Life Aquatic

illustration of bill murray

Hello. Here’s my submission for Hunt & Gather’s Bill Murray exhibition at Offset next week. The theme, as you might have guessed, is Bill Murray. I took the Life Aquatic as my inspiration. Super excited to by going to all 3 days of Offset!



This is a promotional flyer I made to introduce potential clients to my work.  I used an A3 sheet, folded down to A6 (postcard size) in such a way that it reads like an accordion comic strip on one side.  It can then be folded out and flipped over to show a full-bleed image on the other side.  I personalised each booklet with the name of the individual I was addressing (hence the blank space at the end of ‘Nice to meet you…).  The first two images below are the final photoshop files, followed by some photos of the actual booklet itself.  Oh yes, in case you haven’t noticed, the theme is pigeons.  I really do love pigeons!





pigeons-flyer-strip-c pigeons-flyer-strip-e

pigeons-flyer-strip-1 pigeons-flyer-main-image