Talita and The Forest Man

sarah-bowie-talita-1 Illustration by Sarah Bowie of little girl in Brazil

Hello. Here are my two finished pieces for the Blind Elephant Illustration Collective‘s Brazil-themed exhibition which is currently running in The Bleeding Horse Creative Space. Here’s a little back-story to my pieces (I think I’d like to develop these characters further actually): Talita spends her days in the palm-tree forests which line the golden beaches Natal is famous for. Happier in the cool shade than sunning herself on the busy beach, Talita immerses herself in a secret world of beauty. One day she meets a strange creature there. As tall as a tree and wearing a sunhat, he introduces himself as The Forest Man. He invites Talita to sit with him and listen.

You can also buy these as prints on my Etsy shop! 🙂