Ventura… the perfect birthday present – part 2!

Image of cover of 'Book of Cities' by P. Ventura

Cover of ‘Book of Cities’ by P. Ventura

Following on from my last post, I wanted to share another lovely find from the same expedition which turned up a glorious array of Saseks.  It is Piero Ventura’s Book of Cities.  I can’t believe in all my years on this planet I haven’t stumbled across this one, or indeed anything by this wonderful Italian author/illustrator before.  In fact, at first I thought it was a contemporary release, and was surprised to see it was originally published in 1975.  The abundant use of white space allows the detailed drawings to breathe while the bright palette lifts the scenes off the page and invites the viewer to lose themselves in another world.  The content is informative and still relevant today and brings the reader right around the world.  A real treasure trove of facts and imaginings…it makes me want to be five again and learning/thinking about the world for the first time!

I couldn’t find much English-language based information on Mr. Ventura himself, but he is evidently highly prolific with over 80 titles to his name! Book of Cities was re-issued in 2009 by Universe.


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