Sasek… the perfect birthday present!

Image of cover of 'This is Rome' by M. Sasek

Cover of ‘This is Rome’ by M. Sasek

I have been coveting a copy of one of Miroslav Sasek’s beautiful ‘This is…‘ series of picture books for quite some time now.  However it wasn’t until my birthday last week that I stumbled across quite a large selection of them in the Winding Stair…  It was a delicious surprise to find a good eight or nine different titles from the series and I had a tough time deciding which one to start my collection with (of course I wanted them all, but that would be greedy!).  After much feverish page-flicking I settled on ‘This is Rome‘, which was originally printed in 1960, and was reissued in 2007 by Universe Publishing.  It’s so eye-wateringly beautiful, I just had to share a couple of pictures, but I could have easily photographed the whole book as each page is humorous, informative and beautifully laid out.

Miroslav Sasek(1916 – 1980) was a Czechoslovakian painter and illustrator who is best known for his series of ‘This is…’ books, created during the late 50’s and 60’s to document cities and countries he visited and loved.  For more information check out this lovely site  More birthday book posts to come soon!


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